What is a Vinyl (PVC) Fence?

A durable, maintenance-free fence that has many styles for residential, commercial and municipal landscapes. Installed for decorative, privacy or security use. They have taken popular styles and reinterpreted them in maintenance-free vinyl.

What colours are available?

Our PVC Fence is available in White and Tan. White is the most popular fence colour. The colours offered are great neutrals that work well no matter the home’s architectural style and colour scheme.

Is a PVC Fence maintenance-free?

Virtually. You don’t have to scrape, paint or stain a vinyl PVC fence. The nonporous surface cleans easily and resists stains. A little bit of rain is all you need to keep it looking new. In the rare instance that a repair is required, individual components or fence sections can be easily replaced.

Are we talking about vinyl, as in vinyl windows or siding?

Yes, the basic formula and manufacturing process are the same. The difference is that the vinyl formula has been specially enhanced to meet the demands of a lifetime fence. The key to a durable and beautiful vinyl fence is quality ingredients and the right recipe.

What makes PVC Fence different from a wood or iron fence?

It was developed with a purpose in mind – expressly to eliminate the problems found with wood, wire or wrought iron. Rot, rust, slivers and sharp surfaces, discolouration, dangerous chemicals and inconsistent quality simply are not issues with vinyl fences.

Can a homeowner install a PVC fence?

Depending upon the do-it-yourselfer’s skill level, yes. However, some styles and site situations are best left to a professional. The key is that your measurements and installation techniques must be very accurate. Unlike wood were you can trim a little here or there, a PVC Fence component can only be shortened. Remember you are putting in a lifetime fence and a professional installation is your assurance that the project will be a success.

Do the colours change over the years?

The vinyl has a U.V. inhibitor to ensure that your fence or deck will retain it's colour for many years to come. Our PVC Fence is monoextruded so the colour is consistent all the way through the component.

What type of warranty does Belview PVC Fence have?

We offer a manufacturers lifetime limited warranty on our fences against deterioration such as warping, rotting, corroding, flaking, peeling, blistering or discolouration and a 2 year installation warranty!